Business Move Guide

Relocating or expanding your business is a big deal. You should do everything in your power to make sure you are well prepared for moving; and this business move guide will help you do just that. This business move guide will show you what is needed to plan and get started on your business relocation. You don’t have to jump into a move blind, utilize these suggestions and tips to make your move successful.

Plan a Move Out Date

One of the most important aspects of performing a business move is to determine a move out date. You will need to start thinking about when you would like to be moved out of your current building. Use this as a time guideline for getting the moving process started. This is especially important if you have not settled on a moving company yet. Even before you choose a mover you can start packing and planning for your move.

When planning a move out date consider when your lease will be up; try to plan your move out date around this time so that you do not have to pay rent on a building you will not be utilizing. If you have an idea of when you would like to be out of your current building, this will help the moving process progress, and you will be prepared to move out relatively close to your desired date.

Consider Moving Services

Today there are many moving services that one can choose from. This is why you should consider your options when preparing for your business move. Below is a list of a few moving services that may benefit your moving situation:

  • Full Packing Services– Some moving companies offer this service. This is when your mover will pack, load, haul, and unload all or most of your business materials.
  • Partial Packing Services– This service entails basic packing services; where your mover will wrap and pack certain items only, load, haul, and unload your business materials.
  • Employee Relocation Services– Some relocation services include employee relocation. This service is for those companies that are relocating a great distance from their current building; and are in need of moving some or all employees.

Not all of these services are offered by every moving company. You will need to inquire what types of services are available with the mover you decide to go with. If you are interested in any of these services consider looking for movers that offer them.

Finding a Professional Mover

Because you are relocating a business, it is highly recommended that you search for a professional mover. Preferably, you should look for a mover that specializes in business moves and that has had past experience handling this type of relocation. Since your business materials are at stake, it is important to book with a reliable mover. A great place to start your search is on an online database like that of Certified Top Movers. Here you can narrow your search to only top rated companies, as well as search through movers who provide the services and skills you desire for your move.

It is important to do your research when it comes to finding a professional mover to handle your business move. Read comments, reviews, and ask other businesses who have recently relocated their opinion. In the end, it is always best to go with your gut on these decisions; if something doesn’t feel right do not book with that company.

Booking Your Move

After you have decided on the date, types of services, and moving company you want for your business, the next step is to book your move. This step is rather simple and can be completed with a phone call. Give the movers you have decided on a call to book your move with them. A representative will give you an estimate, and will ask your desired move out date. Simply give them detailed information about what items your company needs shipped, get an estimate, and set a date; and you are all booked. If you follow this business move guide you are sure to have happy travels.

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