Choosing a Full or Partial Packing Plan

Depending on which moving company you select, you may have the option of a full or partial packing plan. Just what you need right; more moving decisions to make. Hopefully the process of choosing a moving company was not a grueling and extremely tiresome experience. Choosing a full or partial packing plan does not have to be a headache causing decision. This article will inform you of what these plans entail, and how to decide which one is best for you.

You should first check with your moving company to see what types of packing plans are available. If full and partial packing plans are available and you are trying to decide which one to pick, then today is your lucky day. Below we will hash out what each packing plan usually entails and use this information to determine which one is best for you.

What is a Full Packing Plan?  

Remember, when choosing a full or partial packing plan it is important to know what each service offers. This will help you determine which plan is best for your specific moving needs and budget.

What exactly does full packing mean? Moving companies that offer this service generally have the same guidelines when it comes to full packing. For the most part, this plan entails your mover packing all or most of your belongings. This is ideal for those who absolutely despise packing, and would rather have someone else perform it for them. Movers will not pack everything in a full packing plan; some items you will have to pack yourself and these are specified by each moving company.

Along with packing, your mover will load, haul, unload, and unpack your items. The same exceptions go with unpacking as with packing. Not all items will be covered for unpacking in this plan. Ask your mover about their full packing plan to get the specific details.

What is a Partial Packing Plan?

A partial packing plan is just what it sounds like. If this service is available, your movers will only pack a select few items. Unlike the full packing plan, where most of your belongings will be packed by your movers; the partial packing plan will only include a certain portion of your personal belongings. Aside from partial packing, your mover will also load, haul, and unload your belongings.

Which One is Right for You?

Now that you know what full and partial packing plans entail, the next step is to decide which one is right for you. One thing you may want to consider in making this decision is cost. Typically full packing plans cost more because they provide more labor time; which will affect your total cost. If you are willing to pay more for this service then you may want to consider a full packing plan; if not opt for the partial or basic plan. Other factors to consider when making the decision is packing; are you willing to do it yourself or have family and friends help, or would you rather hire someone to pack? Remember to keep your budget in mind when deciding over these plans; if you want to save money you should go with the most basic plan your mover offers.

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