Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation


If you are a business or company and wish to relocate one or more of your employees, then you have come to the right place. Corporations utilize the services of employee relocation to move their employees all over the world; but the first question is which moving company to choose? The decision has been made easy through Certified Top Movers database of top moving companies. Feel free to browse the available companies and read through the customer comments and reviews. Many of our top movers offer employee relocation services; which is a plus for your business because you can find what you are looking for and get a competitive price.

Show your employee, new or old, how much you appreciate them relocating, by using a moving company that gets the job done right. There are many types of relocation services available; such as full service moves, partial service moves, and self loading moves. The key to choosing the right service depends on the needs of your employee(s), and the distance of the move. If your company is relocating across seas, then it is not practical to perform self moves; as this would be a huge inconvenience for your employee. More times than not, it is best to go with a full or partial moving plan. These two relocation plans provide sufficient tools and services for all of your employee’s moving needs. You should ask your moving provider about the different types of moving plans available. And if you found a great moving company, make sure that they offer employee relocation services before booking a move with them.


Full Service Moves

This is a relocation service offered by some moving companies. If you choose this plan your movers will pack, load, haul, and unpack all or most of your employee’s personal belongings. This service is usually the most costly, but is a great option nonetheless. The benefit of full service moves is that boxes will be professionally packed; and if it is an international move, your employee’s belongings will be packed according to customs regulations. Inquire if the moving company you are interested in provides full serviced moves.


Partial Service Moves

This service is the most common type of move performed. Movers will load, haul, and unload your employee’s belongings. This service does not involve packing customer’s items, but rather concentrates on shipping. This is a standard move, and just about every moving company should provide these basic services. Partial service moves are a great choice for employee relocation; and if you choose a reliable and professional moving company, the relocation should run smoothly.


Self Service Moves

This type of moving services includes the bare minimum relocation tools; which is usually a rented moving truck. Your employee would be responsible for packing, loading, hauling, and unpacking all of their personal belongings. This method is not ideal for employee relocation, and would only be slightly practical if you are relocating them to a nearby town. This moving service is not recommended for employee relocation, as it may cause stress and delay your employee from getting back to work.


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