How Does Certified Top Movers Work?


Welcome to our online database.   We are glad to see you exploring our site.   The current question is how does Certified Top Movers work in helping you search for top moving companies?   Well it’s actually quite simple.   When a moving company signs up with Certified Top Movers, we check their scores on BBB,, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and City Search. Using these scores, we generate their average total score; this number then becomes their “Site Score” on Certified Top Movers.  Instead of having to search each individual rating site, sifting through numerous reviews, Certified Top Movers has created a site where you can find scoring information all in one place.

In addition to this we have created a place where you can add your own comments, ratings, and reviews of moving companies you have used.  These personal customer reviews generate the “User Score”.  Customers and companies are encouraged to comment back and forth on their moving experiences in order to provide accurate ratings.   Why spend hours straining your eyes searching various websites for reviews and ratings?  Get started on your search for the perfect mover using our customer rated Certified Top Movers database.


Ratings Calculation

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