How Moving Costs are Calculated

If you are preparing for a move then it is a good idea to learn how moving costs are calculated. After all, the way costs are calculated will affect the amount of money you pay for your move. Knowing how and for what moving companies charge for will help you make decisions as to what type of mover you want, and the services that you can afford. Moving doesn’t usually come cheap, which is why it is beneficial for you to do some research prior to choosing a moving company.

Long Distance & International Moves

Typically for long distance and international moves you will be charged by weight or volume of your load. If your mover charges by weight your load will be weighed once all of your items have been loaded onto the truck. This means that you will not know the exact cost until you have everything loaded. Your mover will give you an estimate, but there is no way to know the actual total until move out day. If your moving company charges by weight make sure to compare your quote with other companies that also charge by weight. Also be aware that some movers will give you a low estimate, so don’t be too surprised when your total is way off. Moving companies that charge by volume will usually have cargo crates or trucks of different sizes. Depending on how well your movers load this space up will determine how much your total cost comes out to. If you are being charged by volume make sure to be present at the time of loading to supervise how space is being filled. Remember to always compare your quote to at least two other companies when searching for a mover.

Short Distance & Local Moves

Moving companies usually charge an hourly rate for local and short distance moves. Typically moving companies also have a minimum time requirement of no less then around 2 hours. If your moving process totals less than this minimum hour requirement, you will still have to pay as if you were being moved for these hours. If you do not live that far away from your new home, then it may be cheaper to go with a self moving service. With an hourly rate your total cost will also depend on how many items you have. The amount of belongings being shipped will take time to load and haul, which affects the amount of time it takes to complete your move. Keep this information in mind when planning for a short distance or local move.

Moving Fees  

We are all aware of those pesky fees we come in contact with on a day to day basis. Fees are everywhere, including in the moving industry. These fees can and will affect your total moving costs. A good way to be aware of what fees you may be charged for is to research. Give your movers a call and ask about all the fees and services you may be charged with that are not stated on their website. Some fees include: packing services, packing supplies, obstacles, flights of stairs (also ask what they consider a flight), gas, travel, storage, and labor. Inquire about fees so that you can know ahead of time. Some fees cannot be avoided, but try to be aware of the fees you can prevent.

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