How to Get a Good Moving Deal

The cost of moving can add up fast; so how can you get a good moving deal? This question will be explored and answered in this article, so please read on. If you feel like you are drowning in fees and costs there are ways you can get a better deal. You do not have to suffer the pain of signing over tons of your hard earned money; keep these tips in mind when booking a move. If you have been given a high estimate, there are ways to lower your total moving costs.

Competitive Pricing

Moving companies are in a competition for your business. Which is why they are willing to lower costs in order to keep you as a customer. Often times top moving companies will vow to lower and match a competitor’s prices. This healthy competition between moving companies allows for you, the paying customer, to obtain lower moving costs and in turn to get a good moving deal.

They key to getting a great deal is to do your research. If you have generated a list of possible movers and received your quotes, just know that this is not the final price. If one company has given you a lower deal, but you prefer another mover, give them a call and explain the situation. Try to get them to meet or lower their moving cost. Many people may not know that you can talk your moving price down; you just have to negotiate with the mover you are interested in. The competition for your business is high, so chances are that they will try to work with you.

Check for Ongoing Deals

Many professional moving companies post special deals on their websites. Make it a point to visit the websites of the movers you are interested in. You may end up lucky and stumble upon a great special offer. Also feel free to contact moving companies by phone or email and ask if there are any ongoing deals. It is better to try and find discounts than to miss out on saving for your move.

When to Book a Move

There are certain times of the year and month when booking a move can be cheaper. Try to book your move on the off season, which occurs in the fall through spring. Many people like to move when the weather is warmer and the kids are off of school; which makes the summer months more expensive to move during. This is because moving companies are being stretched thin and must use their resources wisely, so costs shoot up. If you book a move during the off season you can have a guaranteed lower cost than booking during the moving season.

There are also times of the month when booking a move may be cheaper. Try to set your move out day for a weekday or in the middle of the month. These rates are cheaper due to people planning moves around work and school; which are typically saved for the weekend. If you move on a weekday you may get a cheaper shipping rate.

Saving After You Have Booked  

You have taken the plunge and booked your move with a reliable moving company. The next step is to get the most out of your money. There are ways that you can save on moving costs even after you have booked a move. One of these ways is to get rid of some of your belongings. Go around your home and evaluate if each item is worth paying to ship. The items you deem unworthy can be sold at a yard sale, donated, or given away. This will clear the clutter from your home, make you a little extra cash, and save on total shipping costs.

After you have rid yourself of unwanted items, you should generate a detailed list of items. The amount of items you are shipping will play a large role in your total moving costs. Providing your representative with a complete list of items will help them give you a more accurate moving cost. You can also request that they send a visual estimator to your home; and they will give you an accurate cost based off of the items they see. This is a great way to determine how they calculate your costs.

Also keep in mind that some furniture may be cheaper to replace than to ship. You will need to decide whether or not you are willing to pay a higher shipping price. If you really want to save on moving costs it may be best to have a moving sale to get rid of most of your belongings; and purchase new items once you have arrived at your destination. You can also ask the new owner of your home if they are interested in purchasing any of your items. These are a few suggestions to take into consideration when trying to get a good moving deal.


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