How to Make a Household Moving Checklist

There are many benefits to creating a checklist for you move. Whether you are relocating across town, or to another country, having a checklist will help you to be better prepared for your move. No matter if this is your first or fifth move, checklists are very beneficial. If you have no idea where to start, no worries; this article will hash out how to make a household moving checklist. With a few key bits of information your list will be well on its way. Make your move easier by being well prepared.

Method of Choice

There are a few options you can choose from when making your checklist. Explore them below to determine which method will suit your needs best.

  • On Paper– You can conjure up a hand written checklist. With good old pen and paper start hashing out your moving list; don’t forget to leave room for the checkmarks!
  • Computer Document– Open up a text document on your computer, whichever program you’d like, and write out your checklist. You can personalize with different fonts, colors, and pictures. Get creative and get organized.
  • Print Out– You can either check off the things you have completed right on your computer, or you can print out your checklist. Having a hard copy can be useful, as you can take it with you on the go.
  • Cell Phone– Using any list or text application, you can write up your moving checklist. This is easy for people on the go, and convenient because we tend to have a phone on us at all times. Although it may be a bit tedious to write out a complete list on a phone; the choice is yours.

Out of these methods, or any in between that you may come up with on your own, you must choose the one that suits your lifestyle and needs best.

Mapping Out Your Checklist

Now that you have determined a method, the next step is to map out your checklist. This involves the contents of your list; exactly what do you add? Well let me tell you! An important section to include in your checklist is: people and places to notify about your address change. This would include services such as gas, electricity, water, and so on. You should also add the names of relatives and friends to notify about your change of address. Below is a brief list of important categories to include in your checklist.

  • Places and people to notify about address change.
  • Services to cancel.
  • Documents to send and/or fill out.
  • Inventory of shipment.
  • Important dates and times.

If anything should be included on your checklist, it should be these. Feel free to add any sections that specifically apply to your move; such as “immigration application”, if you are moving to another country.


By this point you should have your method of choice, and checklist categories; now the next step is to organize your list. You can do this by breaking your list up into sections. Lump the categories together, try not to list everything as it comes to mind. For example, don’t create a list like this:

  • Pick up date 3/12
  • Fill out visa paperwork
  • Notify Gas company

This list is a mixture of important bullets, but it is not organized. Creating a checklist like this will not allow you to properly organize. If you create categories such as the ones listed under “mapping out your checklist,” and create separate sub checklists of related materials below each category, then this will help you to achieve a successful move. Organizing your list will help you see important things that need to be done first within each category. You should also create your list in order of most important to least important.

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