How to Pack Fragile Items

Almost everyone owns some type of fragile item. Whether it is a piece of art, table ware, lamps, or glass ware, you must be careful with these items during a move. You cannot simply throw fragile belongings in a box and hope that they come out in one piece. This article will share helpful tips on how to pack fragile items. These are very useful tips, as nobody likes opening a box to the remnants of what use to be your favorite glass art piece. Utilize this information to properly pack and secure any and all fragile items.

Special Packaging and Crating Services

Many moving companies offer special packaging and crating services to accommodate your fragile items. It is a good idea to inquire if your mover provides packaging and or crating to keep your belongings secure. You can also purchase these special packaging tools at any packing supply store. These would include: packaging wrap, packing blankets, packing peanuts, specially made crates/boxes, insulation, and so on. Your fragile items will need more protection than your other belongings, so it is advised that you pack them with enough insulation.


In order to keep your fragile items safe on their travels to your new home, it is important that you securely pack them. To pack fragile items, first clean them and remove any and all dust or dirt from their surfaces. This will prevent scratches from forming due to tiny dust and dirt particles. If you are packing items that are hollow, such as glass cups or vases, then please insulate the inside. You can do this by placing newspaper or plastic bags on the inside. This is for extra protection. If you are placing fragile items in boxes or crates, then make sure you surround them with your choice of insulation; the more the better. Mark all boxes containing fragile items “fragile,” and do not stack these boxes on the bottom, make sure they are always on top of other boxes. If you do this it will ensure that the weight of your other items will not accidentally crush your fragile items. And lastly, always handle boxes containing fragile items with care.

Helpful Tips  

There are a few tips you can utilize while packing fragile items. These helpful tricks can even save you on packaging costs. Try using items that you already own to secure your fragile items with. You can wrap your belongings in towels, blankets, newspaper, and plastic bags. Basically you can use anything that will provide enough security and insulation for your fragile items. This will cut costs of having to purchase packing insulation, and you will save on box space by doubling your linens and towels as insulation.

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