International Business Relocation Guide

No matter if you are relocating your business completely to another country, or simply expanding, you absolutely must have a relocation plan prepared. This international business relocation guide will do just that; you will be able to use this information to plan for the move ahead. Business relocation is hard enough, but an international business move requires even more time, preparation, and money. Utilize this relocation guide so that your business move will run as smooth as possible.

Finding a Reputable Mover

One of the most important aspects of your move will be finding a professional and reliable mover. Because you are relocating your business internationally, it is important to search for a mover that has plenty of international shipping experience. Also try to hire a professional moving company that has pretty good ratings. This is your business, so you should try to hire a mover who you can trust to get the job done right.

You can search for professional international movers on online databases like our own Certified Top Movers. Make sure to read reviews, comments, and ratings, do your research on these companies to ensure they are up to par. The last thing you want to do is hire an unprofessional mover to ship your business materials internationally; so many things can go wrong in this situation. You will want to hire a mover that specializes in international relocation so that you are getting your money’s worth.


You are going to want to be as prepared as possible for your international relocation. I recommend that you create a timeline of your move. This will ensure that you are on schedule with deadlines and will allow you to keep track of your moves progression. All of which are necessary in order to have a smooth and organized move.

You may also want to prepare a backup plan for your move. A backup plan would consist of having storage ready if needed. International relocations can take quite awhile to complete, and there may be delays, or your cargo may show up early; in either case storage would be an ideal option to have. If you have storage set aside you can put your mind at ease knowing your business items will have a place to rest if needed.

Start preparing for your move in advance. Do not wait until a few days before move out day. You will first want to determine a move out date so that you can plan the whole move around this. It may be a good idea to start planning at least 6 to 9 months before your lease contract is up; of course this only applies to those companies relocating and not expanding. In either case, you are going to want to plan your move well in advance of your desired move out date.

Employee Relocation   

Depending on whether you will be relocating any employees, and how many, you will want to figure out an employee relocation plan. International moves are harder on families and businesses alike, which is why you should show your gratitude with a decent employee relocation plan. Many moving companies offer employee relocation services and give you the option of full packing, partial packing, or a basic moving plan. Choose an employee plan that is within budget, but that will also show your appreciation for your employee relocating with the company. Happy employees lead to a happy and successful business.

International Packing  

With an international move comes customs clearance, and all the restrictions that are included. For this reason you will want to make sure that your shipment is packed according to specific customs regulations. Your professional moving company will assist you in determining which items can and cannot enter the country. In order to clear customs you will want to make certain that your shipment does not contain any prohibited, restricted, or banned items. Packing according to customs will ensure a smooth clearance process.

Follow this guide and your international business relocation is sure to go according to plan.

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