Keeping Sensitive Documents and Office Equipment Safe

Business moves that are well planned out tend to have successful endings. If your business or office is relocating then you too will need to prepare beforehand. Moving takes a lot of time and money; which is why it is important to keep all office equipment and documents safe during the move. The last thing you want is to have to replace destroyed office machinery or sensitive paperwork. This article will divulge how to keep sensitive documents and office equipment safe during your business relocation. Move smart and start planning now for a successful office move.

How to Keep Documents Safe

If your office is going to be relocating, then you are going to want to keep all sensitive documents and information as safe as possible. It is important to notify your employees to not pack these documents with the rest of the office materials. Keep all sensitive information in a designated box or file, label it, and assign someone in charge to make sure the files get where they need to be. These documents are part of your business, so it is important to properly prepare them for transfer.

Instead of throwing these documents in a box where they can become unorganized, try using a file folder to keep things neat. Depending on how many documents need to be transferred will determine how many file folders you will need. Once all documents have been filed in the appropriate order, you can now stack them into boxes; remember to label. Keep these boxes in a secure place until it is time to move them.

If you can, do not have these boxes moved with the rest of the office equipment. Instead have your designated person drive them to the new location. This way you can ensure their safety. Otherwise if you decide to load them on the truck there is no guarantee you will receive them in pristine condition, if at all. It is best not to weigh your chances with sensitive documents, take extra precaution when moving them.

Also inform your employees to shred any and all unneeded paperwork. This will keep you and your clients safe.

Packing up Office Equipment

What would an office be without office equipment? Well, it would just be a room of chairs and desks. What we can take from this is that office equipment is what makes an office well, an office. Things such as computers, printers, telephones, and copy machines are what allow an office to function; which is why it is important to make sure they are well protected during a business move. Below are a few suggestions on how to properly pack and prepare your office equipment for the move.

  • It is important to remove all ink and or toner from any and all machines being prepped for moving. This is because the ink/toner may spill in transit and do more harm than good; some moving companies refuse to move any liquids, so be cautious.
  • Try to pack all equipment such as computers, printers, screens, and copy machines in their original packaging. This will ensure their safety on the road. If you no longer possess the original packaging, go to a packing store to pick up the proper materials; your moving company may also have a good selection of boxes.
  • Remember to only use durable boxes when packing office equipment.
  • Also make sure to insulate all fragile items with packaging wrap, bubble wrap, packing blankets, and so on to protect them from breaking.
  • Label all cords and parts to make reassembly easy.
  • Backup all computer files before transferring computers, in case of damage.

Preparing for a business move can be stressful; protecting your office equipment for the journey will increase your odds of a successful move. Follow these helpful tips to make sure you are taking all the precautions necessary to ensure the function of your office.





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