Making an Inventory List

If you are planning on relocating, making an inventory list will greatly ease any hassles you may come across. Many moving companies even require a list of inventory in order to complete and process your move; so it is a good idea to learn what goes into making an inventory list. The word inventory may scare some of you away, but don’t worry, the process isn’t as grueling as it sounds. Anyone can make an inventory list. There are different methods to choose from, so just about everyone can generate a list to their liking. Follow these tips and suggestions to create an organized and comprehensive inventory list for your move.

Getting Started    

The first step in getting started on your inventory is to account for all the items you will be shipping to your new home. Any belongings that will not go in the moving truck or items you are not planning on keeping do not need to be on your inventory list. Therefore, it is a good idea to separate the belongings you are shipping from the ones you are not. This will make creating your list much easier.

There are a few different methods of creating an inventory list that you can choose from. Listed below are a few options.

  • Paper– One of the methods is using good old paper and pen. You can create your inventory list by hand. This may cause hand cramps, but it is an efficient method and gets the job done.
  • Computer Document– You can generate a list using your favorite text program. If you need to you can email your list directly to your movers.
  • Print Out– This simply takes the computer document method one step further by printing your inventory list; which can then be handed to your mover or used as reference.
  • Cell Phone– You can create an inventory list using a text app on your cell phone. This can easily be sent to your computer for printing, and to your moving representative.

Now that you have separated your belongings, you can start making your inventory list. You can do this before you pack, but it may be easier to do as you are packing. The inventory process may take a while depending on how many items you are shipping; but you do not need to create your list in one sitting, take a few breaks or come back to it the next day. When you take a break just try and remember where you left off if you have decided to inventory prior to packing. If this is the route your have chosen, a suggestion is to transfer the inventoried items to a “done” pile; or inventory one room at a time. Try and stay organized during the inventory process.


When creating an inventory list it is important to stay organized. If you are packing and generating your list at the same time, a helpful suggestion is to make a separate inventory sheet for the contents in each box. Or if you are making your list before you pack, organize your list according to room or type of items. Feel free to get creative with the way you organize your inventory list.

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