Making Space

Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about how much stuff you have collected over the span of your life? Well, the chances are that it is quite a lot. Although you may not still possess everything you have ever owned, you probably have a decent collection of items stored in your current home. Now that the time has come to move you must go through all of your belongings; and the amount may surprise you. Spread throughout your home what you own may not seem like a lot now, but when you are responsible for packing it all away you may wonder how it all fit. This article will divulge the secrets to making space and clearing the clutter; doing this will make moving much easier.

Why You Should Make Space

At this point you may be wondering why you need to bother getting rid of things. Yes it is true, you will be required to set some time aside and evaluate the worth of your belongings; but it will be well worth it in the end. Plus, you are going to go through everything anyway, so why not knock two things out at once?

Getting rid of unwanted belongings will make more space in your new home, save money and moving time, and it may even make you a few extra bucks and or help someone in need. Who knew clearing the clutter could have so many benefits? Such a simple task can make your moving experience more enjoyable.

What to Get Rid of

If I have convinced you to consider clearing the clutter from your home, then your next step is to determine what to get rid of. How do you do this you say? Well let me share with you the secrets to making space. Put on your walking shoes ladies and gentlemen because you are going to be walking around your house until you figure out the worth of your belongings. To be clear, I just made this sound a lot more exhausting than it actually is, so don’t panic.

All you need to do is walk around your home paying a visit each room; make sure to take a pen and paper with you. Write down or start a pile of items that you are willing to let go. Take note of these items now so you don’t have to go back and evaluate again. These items can include anything from nick-knacks to clothing or eating utensils; whatever you don’t want or need anymore get rid of. If you haven’t used or touched an item in over a year, you probably won’t miss it so consider getting rid of it.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Items   

Now that you have a nice little, or big, collection of unwanted items what do you do with them? Throw them away? Well you could choose this option, but I highly advise against it. There are much better methods to clearing the clutter then trashing everything you don’t want. Not only is this not good for the environment, but it doesn’t help anyone either. Below are a few suggestions for disposing of your unwanted goods.

  • Put on a yard sale. This is a great option for clearing the clutter. Host a yard sale to make some extra cash and space.
  • Donate all of your unwanted items to local charity centers. There are many people in need that will benefit from the items you donate. This is my favorite option for getting rid of things. Not only does it help you, but it also helps struggling families in need. What better way to dispose of your items? Anything you don’t sell during your yard sale can also be donated.
  • Give your unwanted belongings away to friends, family, and neighbors. Ask around and just maybe your items can find a new home where they will be utilized. If you can’t get everything off your hands using this method don’t forget to donate!
  •  Use the internet to get the word out. Make a post on your social network sites to see if anyone is interested, or make a listing on websites such as craigslist to get rid of things.

Your options for making space are numerous. Feel free to use a combination of these methods to make the most of your clearing the clutter quest. When you get rid of unwanted belongings, packing, hauling, and unloading are made easier; plus you can save on moving costs by having less to ship. All around doing a little spring cleaning can really benefit your moving experience.

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