Making Sure Your Car is Ready for Transport

Are you in need of shipping your car but don’t know where to start? Everyone needs a little help now and then, and it’s not every day that you ship a car. It is only natural to wonder what the process entails and how one goes about transporting a car. I’m sad to break the news that we have yet to invent time and space traveling cars; so until that day comes we will need to make do with what we have. You will need to ship the old fashion way of hiring a company to move your car for you. This article will help you prepare in making sure your car is ready for transport, providing you with the helpful information you need to successfully ship your vehicle.

Preparation & Cleaning      

The first order of business is to prepare your car for shipment. At this point you may be thinking, prepare my car for what? Don’t worry, you don’t need to fix up your car to win a beauty pageant or anything like that; but there are a few things you will need to take care of before your shipping company will allow for transport. Below is a list of a few preparations to take care of before shipment.

  • It is critical that your car is in working order. This is due to the fact that your moving company will need to drive your car onto the according crate or ramp in order to make transport possible. As you can determine, it will not be possible for your movers to easily transport your vehicle if it does not work. This also depends on how far and what method your car will travel. Some people purchase broken cars to fix up, and there are ways to transport them; but you should always double check with the shipping company before you book a move.
  • You may also want to confirm with your shipping company if a certain amount of fuel is required to be present in your vehicle. Some companies prefer for your car to have a specific amount of gas, and others do not have any specifications. In order to prepare your car for shipment please check the requirements with your shipper.
  • Does your vehicle happen to have any cracked windows? If so, you should schedule and appointment to have them sealed. If you decide to ship your vehicle, with cracks and all, your windows may shatter. Now of course this also depends on the method of travel. If you are shipping via cargo ship then you may want to get them fixed. If your car will travel by truck then it may not be necessary. Always ask your shipping representative when in doubt.
  • It is also recommended that you disarm your alarm system. During your vehicles trip there may be a variety of factors that can set your alarm off; and if this happens repeatedly your car’s battery may be drained by the time it reaches you.
  • If you happen to be shipping your car internationally, or to the islands of Hawaii, you will be required to give your vehicle a thorough wash, inside and out. Having a clean car is nice, but that’s not why you need to clean your car. The reason is to prevent the transfer of foreign soil and organisms; ecosystems are very delicate, which is why we need to protect them. Now you can say that you saved the environment from perish simply by washing your car! It may be a bit farfetched but hey, you deserve a pat on the back after enduring the process of shipping a car.

What You Will Need  

When preparing for shipment, there are a few documents that you will need in order to make shipping possible. Collecting these documents is a vital part of making sure your car is ready for transport. Below is a list of items required for shipping your car.

  • Keys
  • Some type of photo identification
  • Creditor and or lease notarized statements, if applicable.
  • Vehicle registration and title
  • As well as a notarized letter of authorization if anyone else but you is going to pick up and or drop off your vehicle.

Now that you have fully digested this helpful information, feel free to print it out just in case you forget something. You can rest easy knowing your car will be prepared for transport.


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