Moving With a Family

Moving yourself is one thing, but adding a family makes moving a bit more complicated. Not only do you have to worry about settling yourself in, but you also have to make sure your spouse and children have a comfortable transition as well. Relocating can be especially hard on children and teens; they will have to start over making friends and getting to know their new area. This article will serve as a guide to make moving with a family as easy as possible. The key is in preparing your children and self for the move; keep reading to find out how.

Have a Family Meeting

If family meetings are not a regular occurrence in your home think about setting up some guidelines and rules to be followed during your first meeting. This can include rules such as only one person speaks at a time, everyone gets a turn, and so on. Make sure that you set up the family meeting at a time where everyone is able to make it. Because this meeting regards moving you should include everyone.

You may also want to keep it casual and within the boundaries of your home. If you are out at a restaurant your family may not be able to voice their true feelings or opinions about the move. Let everyone voice their opinions without criticism, this will allow them to better cope with the move.

After you have stated the rules and set up a time where everyone can attend, the next order of business is discussion. Assuming your spouse already knows; tell your children that it is time to move. Let them know why, how, when and any other questions that may arise; answer them truthfully and to the best of your abilities. Involving your family in the move includes letting them know all the details. It is important to let your family know about the move as soon as possible, this will give them more time to warm up to the idea of relocating.

Involve the Whole Family

I cannot stress enough how important it is to involve your whole family in the moving process. This can be especially true for the little ones who may feel left out and therefore less happy about the move. Give everyone little tasks to complete. This can be as small as packing up a special suitcase or as big as helping load the car; this will also depend on the age of your children, give them a task they can easily handle.

You can also utilize the help and opinion of your family when it comes to choosing a home. Get their opinions on houses, neighborhoods, decorating and so on. This will make your children feel as if they have a say in their new home and will make moving more enjoyable.

Packing Up

Packing is an inevitable aspect of moving, so why not make it fun for the kids? Along with packing up your personal items and the rest of the house, you must also make sure that your children are properly packed. Depending on the age of your child will determine how much overlooking and help they will need. Typically older children can handle packing personal items alone, but you can always guide them to make sure boxes are packed efficiently.

Having smaller children is a great excuse to make packing fun. Although packing is tedious and boring, use this time to bond with your child. Give them a special box that they can decorate with their name, stickers, and markers; have them put fun activities and favorite items to keep them occupied on the trip. This will allow both your child and you to have a more enjoyable experience on the road to your new home.

Older children can also pack essentials and fun activities such as MP3 players, portable video game consoles, books, magazines, and so on. Also make sure to have everyone pack a suite case with outfits for every type of weather, toiletries, and other essentials, this will make the transition easier when you arrive.

Move Out Day

The day has finally come; the weeks and weeks of planning and packing are coming to a close and all that’s left is hauling everything over to your new home. But the question is what to do with the kids? As much as you love your kids, the younger they are the more likely they are to get in to trouble. And on move out day the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Whether it is a box of fragile items that fell and shattered to pieces, or your child tripped over some boxes and skinned their knee; these are the types of incidents that can cause unwanted last minute stress.

The solution is to arrange for a sitter on move out day. Call up your kid’s favorite family member or baby sitter and ask if they can watch the kids for a few hours on move out day. Make sure you ask them well in advance to be certain they are available. This will make moving out easier on you and more comfortable for your children as well.

Settling In  

During a move it is only natural to worry about how well your family will settle into their new home and town. Not to fret, as there are ways to make the transition easier. Below is a list of things you and your family can do to make your new town feel more like home.

  • Get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. This will help the whole family adapt to the new surroundings better.
  • Have you and your children join as many clubs, groups, activities as possible. Make sure you have an interest in these activities, don’t force anything. This is a great way to meet people and friends.
  • Provide the entire family with maps of your new town, and where fun spots, grocery stores, schools, shops, and so on are located. This will make navigating easier.
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors. Throw a house warming party for old and new friends to make the transition easier.
  • Research your new area as much as possible before moving there. This will allow you and your family to become familiar with what the town has to offer.

Moving with a family can be tough, but make it easier by utilizing this helpful information. Your family will thank you for making the move more comfortable and involving them in the process. Happy moving!

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