Moving With Children

Moving is hard enough, but throwing kids in the mix is a horse of a different color. Not only will you have to pack and prepare for yourself but for your children as well; this means double the work and preparation. But do not fear, as parents have been moving successfully with their children since the beginning of time, which means so can you. Moving with children is more work, but with the right information you can relocate your family with ease. Use the helpful information in this article to make moving your kids simple and fun.

Share the Moving Experience with Your Children     

A great way to make moving more pleasant for your kids is to involve them in the moving process. This way they can feel like they have a role in the move. It can be difficult for children to pick up and leave their home, neighborhood, school, and friends; which is why trying to involve them in the moving process will keep them busy and excited for relocating. Don’t allow your children to lift heavy boxes, but give them little tasks here and there so they feel involved. Below are a few suggestions that will help the process move forward as well as involve your children.

  • Clear the clutter– Something every family should do before they relocate is to get rid of unwanted and unused items. Almost all homes have a pile of personal belongings that haven’t seen the light of day in ages; these are the types of items to consider getting rid of. Involve your children by having them go through their belongings and pick out which items they would like to yard sale, donate, or give away. This will clear the clutter as well as help someone in need.
  • Make a special list– For each child you have create a list of special items your child does not want left behind. This can be anything from their favorite toys, clothes, movies, or CDs; whatever your child cherishes most should be on this list. As you pack them you and your child can cross them off together.
  • Pack an entertainment box– Pack a small box for each child with a few activities to keep them busy during the drive and unpacking process. This will keep them entertained which will allow you to focus on getting settled in.

Don’t Forget to Notify

If you are moving long distance or to another town, you are going to need to notify certain people and places of your address change. Below is a list of a few places to remember to notify.

  • Schools
  • Doctors office
  • Dentist
  • Teams & clubs
  • Friends & family
  • Subscriptions

Move Out Day

If you are moving with children then you should prepare ahead of time for move out day. If possible, it is highly suggested to set up a sitter for move out day. This will ensure your children are safe from tripping hazards and will allow the movers, or you the freedom to have full concentration on loading. Try to arrange someone who your children are fond of like a favorite family member or baby sitter, this will make their move out day more enjoyable.

Relocating with your children does not have to be stressful. Follow these helpful suggestions to make moving pleasant for you and them.

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