Planning a Move

Whether you are relocating a short or long distance from your current home, one thing remains the same; and that is the need for planning. Planning a move is a vital aspect of the whole relocation process. This is the backbone of your move, and there can be no relocating without first planning. This article will help you plan out your move from beginning to end. Planning a move may not come easy to all, which is why we have mapped out what you should be doing in order to get started on your move. Follow this helpful guideline to learn what goes into planning a successful move.

Move Out Date

The first step in planning your move is to set a move out date. At this point you may not have a moving company yet, but it is still a good idea to start thinking about a move out date. You do not have to plan an exact date, but think about the month in which you would like to be out of your current home by. This move out date will help you to make decisions and planning so that you are set and ready to move out by, or around the set time. If you do not have a mover, then you can try and set your planned move out date for an actual date once you have booked with a moving company. This is the first step to planning and getting your move started.

Finding a Mover

After planning or considering a move out date, the next area of focus should be on finding a professional and/or reliable mover. A great place to start shopping around for top a professional mover, is on an online database like Certified Top Movers. This way you can weed out all of the moving companies that do not relate to your moving situation’s wants and needs. You will be able to search through highly skilled and well capable movers to make your relocation a success.

When looking for a mover you should consider what type of move you are going to have. For example, are you moving locally, long distance, nationally, or internationally? These factors will contribute to the type of mover you should be searching for. Other factors to consider when shopping for a mover are: price, packing plans, storage services, customer ratings and reviews, and moving skills. These will more than likely determine the outcome of success when choosing a mover. You should not just hire the first company you come across; finding a professional and reliable mover is something that may take time. My recommendation is to get started early and go with your gut.

Booking Your Move   

Once you have settled on a moving company the next step is to book your move. All you have to do is give the moving company of your choice, a phone call or email; which will depend on their method of communication. You will be directed to a representative who will handle your move. They will usually give you an estimate over the phone, so it is important to be as detailed as possible to get the most accurate estimate. Some moving companies will also send out a visual estimator at your request to give you an accurate moving cost. Once you are on the phone with your representative they will ask you when you would like to move out by, and they will book your move. Booking a move will be much easier than finding a moving company that suits your moving needs, but if you follow these suggestions your quest should end just fine.

Time to Get Organized  

At this point you have been booked for your move and have a set move out date, or one in mind. Now it is time to start creating an organized timeline and to-do list of your move. In order to keep on track and stay organized for your move it is suggested that you make a list of important dates, times, and moving related deadlines. You should include people and places to notify about your address change, services to cancel, items to leave behind, supplies to retrieve, and any other moving related aspect that is important to keep track of. This preparation and organization will greatly help your move run smoothly.

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