Planning for a Long Distance Relocation

Long distance relocation is no easy feat. There is a lot of planning and preparation that must happen in order to have a successful move. From planning to hauling, long distance moves take more effort and time compared to short distance moves. This article will inform you on how to properly plan, and have a successful long distance relocation. Moving long distance should be easy with these helpful suggestions.

Make Space, Clear the Clutter

The thing about moving is that it can cost a pretty penny. The moving industry, although filled with competitive prices, can still total a great amount of money. One way to alleviate the cost of moving is to get rid of unwanted item. The more stuff you have to move, the more labor and space used, and therefore a larger cost. One of your best bets is to clear the clutter in your current home by ridding yourself of unused belongings. Your belongings will travel the long distance with you; and the less you have, the easier your moving journey will be.

A great way to make space is to evaluate the possessions in your home. Go ahead and look around your home in closets, drawers, pantries, and your garage to search for items that you do not want or need anymore. More than likely you will have a few belongings lying around that no longer serve a purpose in your life. These are the kinds of items that you should consider getting rid of.

But what are you to do with these belongings? Should you just toss them out in the trash and be done with them? The answer is no. There are much better methods to getting rid of these unwanted items, of which will be discussed shortly. One method is arranging a yard sale. This way you can clear the clutter and make some extra cash as well. Or you can give items away to friends, family, and neighbors. Another method, one which I favor, is to donate your unwanted belongings. Donating is a great way to give back to your community and help people in need, as well as getting rid of belongings. Choose your favorite method to make your long distance load lighter.

Packing for a Long Distance Move

Properly packing is a very important factor in having a successful move. Believe it or not, there is a method to packing. Although some may think it obvious; how hard can it be right? The truth is that many people will get fed up with the tedious task of packing fairly quickly. When this happens we tend to start tossing items in boxes left and right, leaving them poorly protected for the long road ahead.

For example, all fragile items need to be well insulated and marked to ensure their safety. You can protect these fragile belongings with packing blankets, foam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packaging wrap, and so on. Also make sure to stack these items on top, so they do not get crushed or damaged during travel.

A great packing tip is to pack from least important items first, to your most used and important items last. This way you won’t have to go digging through boxes later to find something you need. If you accidentally pack something of importance early on and don’t realize until right before move out day, you are going to have to wait until your items reach their destination; which is not ideal if you are moving long distance.

If you have decided to drive to your new location, then you should also practice proper packing methods for your vehicle. Make sure that you pack your car as light as possible, only taking what you absolutely need for your journey. This will ensure a more comfortable ride and the usage of less gas. Take with you all important documents such as banking information, passports, and so on, as well as expensive jewelry, and money. These are items that should not be packed, and are to be kept on or close to you during your move. You should also pack outfits fit for every type of weather; as you never know what type of weather you will encounter on your drive. Pack enough snacks and drinks so that you do not have to constantly make pit stops; and also include a little bit of entertainment. Make a play list of your favorite songs to make the drive more tolerable, or pack your favorite audio books; you can even make a road trip out of your move. It is possible to have fun during a long distance move, make the best out of your situation.

Storage Options

During a long distance move it is always good to have storage options. As humans, we never know when misfortune will hit; and it may just happen during a move. Perhaps your move in day has been delayed, but you still need to get out of your current home by a certain date; and worse of all, you have nowhere to keep all of your belongings. This type of situation can and does happen, and it is best to be prepared. One way to make sure you are covered is to look into storage.

This way you can store your belongings at a storage site and wait for everything to get sorted out. You can always rent a storage space ahead of time just in case, or you can always rent one when you are in need of it. Either way knowing your storage options can be greatly beneficial, especially for long distance moves.

Planning for a long distance move is not rocket science, anyone can do it. And with these helpful tips and suggestions you can be well on your way to a successful relocation.

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