Preparation for Self Loading

Have you looked at the costs of moving and compared it to your personal budget, but just can’t seem to make it work? Perhaps self loading is the option for you. If you cut out as much labor as possible, and instead opt to do most of the work yourself you can end up saving some money. Keep in mind, performing the labor yourself will not be easy physically, so make sure to enlist the help of friends and family. If you have decided to take the self loading approach, do not fear. This article will share some helpful tips to make loading your belongings easy.

How to Get Started

The first order of business is to track down a company that offers self loading options; you can also choose to rent a van so that you can load and haul yourself. Many moving companies offer you the option of self loading, so it shouldn’t be a problem. They will typically drop off a container at your home in which you will load your belongings in to; the moving company will then retrieve it once you are done.

In order to have a smoother loading process you should ask your friends and family to help. Instead of paying for labor you can thank your friends for helping by treating them to a meal and drinks; which should be cheaper than paying for labor. Loading is easier with help, so try not to do it alone.

Self Loading Accommodations   

If you are planning on self loading your personal belongings then you will be in need of specific loading tools. Depending on how high off the ground your moving van or container is, will determine if a ramp is necessary. If so, you will need to rent the correct sized ramp in order to load items into the truck. Another helpful tool is a dolly. This will make transporting your items from your home and into the truck or container much easier. You can either rent a dolly or purchase one online or in store for a reasonable price.

Another important aspect to accommodate for is parking. If you must park in the street make sure you cone off an area of up to three car length for your container or truck. Try to get as close as possible to your home, this will make loading easier. You may also want to think about notifying your neighbors of your loading date to let them know of possible road blocks and hazards.

Securing Your Belongings   

Chances are that you are not a professional mover, but this does not mean you cannot safely accomplish self loading. Make sure that your boxes are properly secured with packaging tape, and that all fragile items are well insulated. This will prevent any damage from occurring during the loading process. You should also clearly mark fragile items as, “FRAGILE,” and always stack these items at the top.

Self loading is not going to be easy, but anyone can do it with the right tools, information, and help. Utilize this information to make your self loading experience easy.

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