Preparing Children for a Move

Moving isn’t always easy. Having to leave behind the comforts of familiarity, friends, and family can prove difficult; which is why moving can be especially hard on small children. Before you pack up and head to your new house its best that you try and brace your children for the move. This can make all the difference in how your kids welcome a move. You may know that moving house entails a lot of patients, planning and hard work; and if you have small children, you may want to add these suggestions to your list. This article will shed light on preparing children for a move. So you can be certain that they will enjoy and welcome relocating to a new house.

How to Make Your Child Comfortable With a Move

In order to make sure your child is accepting of the move, it is highly important for you to involve them in the process. You can ask their opinion on houses and decorating so that your child feels like they have a say in the move. Involving your kids in planning and preparing will make them feel more connected and excited about relocating.

You can also involve children in the packing process. Prepare a simple to-do list for your kids so they can feel like they are helping the move come along. Ask them to pack up their toys or have them help you pack a box. This way you can have quality time and get some packing done at the same time.

Kids not involved in the moving process may focus on the negative aspects of relocating, which will in turn make them upset rather than excited. Your child may focus on leaving friends and family behind rather than looking forward to making new friends. Keeping your kids involved will occupy their time and make moving more enjoyable. You may also want to have a talk with them about the new opportunities that await them in their new hometown. This is sure to ease their mind.

For the Road

Getting your household together for a move will take a little more effort with kids. Not only do you have to pack and get your things ready, but you must also ensure that your children are all set to go as well.

Long trips can be especially brutal for small children. Kids have a lot of energy and tend to get a bit antsy when forced to sit during long periods of time. No matter if you are flying or driving to your new home, you can use this tip for a more pleasant journey.

What you can do is to have your child or children create a little fun box for the trip. Have them fill this small box with some of their favorite toys, books, and activities. This box will be your life saver when it comes to entertaining your child for the ride ahead.

You can even make creating this box a fun activity. Give your kids stickers, markers, crayons and other craft items so they can decorate the box to their liking. Just don’t forget to supervise small children during craft time.

Going Away Party

It is really important that your child gets the chance to say goodbye. In order to ensure this I suggest throwing a going away party. Invite your child’s friends, teachers, baby sitters, and whomever else they have grown attached to. A going away party is the perfect way for your child to say good bye to all of his or her old friends. Plus, they can remember their old home pleasantly and celebrate rather than sulk over leaving everything behind.

Preparing children for a move will require some extra effort and care on your end. It can be hard for children to adjust to a new setting, so it is important that you make the transition as enjoyable as possible. Good luck and happy moving!


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