Preparing For an Office Relocation

If you are planning an office move, then it is highly important to prepare beforehand. Office moves take more preparation than a household move; they also tend to cost more. Getting ready for an office move involves a planning, time, and patients. It may be a long process, but preparing for an office relocation is your best bet to having a successful move. Below are a few key tips and suggestions to keep in mind while preparing for your move.

Keep Organized

The first step in organizing your office move is to create a check list. This check list should consist of important dates and things that have to be done; it may be easier to create a type of time line to-do list. This will keep your office move on track, and make you aware of deadlines. When you map out a timeline of your move, you can calculate when you are falling behind; which will allow you to pick up the pace in order to be ready for move out day.

Speaking of move out day; it is important to determine a move out date. You may want to plan this around the time your lease is up if you are planning on relocating the entire office. Setting a move out day also plays a large role in your planning process. This is because you should be planning your move around your move out day. Everything has to be packed and ready for loading come move out day; especially if your lease is going to be up. Try to set a reasonable move out day; start planning at least 2 months ahead.


You should first determine the allowed maximum budget for your office move. This is important because moving costs can add up fast. Keep your budget in mind when making decisions for the move; from choosing a mover, to the amount of labor used, and the amount of items being shipped, all of these will affect your total costs.

That being said, to better prepare for your office move it is important to analyze the entire office. This will give you an idea of how many items need to be shipped. You can get a more accurate estimate if you ask your relocation company to send over a visual estimator. After you have done this start asking, what items can the office function without?

If there are old chairs, cabinets, tables, or office equipment not being used or sitting in corners, you may want to consider not shipping these items. You can always donate, resell, or place them in storage. If you ship every item in the office, you will have a higher bill. Try to only ship necessary items.

Choosing a Moving Company  

Even choosing a moving company to perform your office relocation involves preparation. You should research various moving companies before settling on one. If you have found a moving company that looks good, then research their reviews and services. Make sure that the company provides office relocation services; there are some companies that solely concentrate on household moves. Go with your gut when choosing a mover; if something doesn’t feel right look for another company. If possible, choose a professional and reliable mover that specializes in business moves. Search the Certified Top Movers database for top rated business relocation services.

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