Preparing Your Employees for the Move

When relocating a business you not only have to think about moving office supplies, but you also have to prepare your employees as well. It is important to not just throw your employees into a move without properly preparing them ahead of time. Moving takes time and planning; it is important to make your employees aware of the plan and what their parts are in the relocation process. In order for your business relocation to go according to plan you will need to get started on preparing your employees for the move. This article will show you how and what to prepare for so everyone in the office is ready come move out day.


Properly packing is crucial to having a successful relocation. Every one of your employees will, and should play a role in packing up the office. It is suggested to call a meeting to discuss everyone’s part and what they are to pack. Feel free to designate certain people in charge of various sections of the building so that all the bases are covered.

During the meeting you should let your employees know that they are responsible for packing all personal items; or risk them being lost or damaged while in transit. Inform them that there is no guarantee of their safe return if employees opt for having their valuables shipped with the rest of the office equipment. If they have decorated their work space with art, pictures, posters, plants, and so on, they will be responsible for making sure these are properly taken care of. Anything that will not fit in the new space, or is considered valuable should be taken home.

Provide your employees with boxes so that they have something to take their personal items home in. This kind gesture will make relocating easier and allow them to focus on performing their jobs rather than scrambling to find empty boxes. When you provide employees with right tools the relocation process will take less time and improve in efficiency.

You may also want to advise your employees to pack up all sensitive documents, paper work, and file cabinets in their work space. Because this business material may have personal and important information, employees should make sure that it is packed and labeled correctly. For files it is best to utilize a file folder rather than a box; this will keep papers organized during the move. All desks and drawers should be emptied prior to move out day; so give your employees adequate time to do so as they are going to be responsible for packing their own workspace.

If any employees have questions or concerns along the way make sure to make whomever is in charge of the move available for answers. This will make moving less stressful on your employees.

Important Information to Relay to Employees

If your office is relocating to a different city that is relatively far and foreign to your employees please make it easy on them by providing them with the following information.

  • The new office address
  • Surrounding eateries/diners/restaurants/grocery stores/café and coffee shops
  • Public transportation options
  • Major highways and intersections
  • Parking availability
  • Maps

You should also provide employees with:

  • Outline of the new building with according rooms; such as kitchen, restrooms, break room, mail room, supply room, copy center, and so on.

Designating Team Leaders

As previously stated, assigning team leaders will greatly improve the efficiency of your office move. This person or persons will be responsible for making sure that certain aspects of the move are running smoothly and on schedule. You should have regular meetings with these individuals to check on the status of your business relocation.

You should provide team leaders with the necessary tools to accomplish their task. For example you can put someone in charge of distributing keys, security cards and so on; but you must first make sure they have access to these items in order for them to perform their duty.

It is up to you on how many team leaders to have. You can either assign one employee to oversee the entire move, which is not recommended due to the stresses of moving and performing their office duties. Or you can do what is recommended, and put certain people in charge of various aspects of the move. You can do this by dividing the office into sections and assigning a team leader to oversee each section. This way there is more order and organization to the moving process.

Incorporating your employees in the move and providing them with the information they need will allow them to be prepared for moving. Keep an open line of communication so that everyone is on the same page.


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