Short Distance Moves

Relocating is not an easy task; which is why people chose to enlist the help of professional movers for both long and short distance moves. Acquiring the help of a moving company is not done in vain, as these moves are typically done right and provoke a less stressful move. A move is a move, and the stresses, planning, and tasks are the same; which is why it is ideal to take all the help you can get during your short distance move. This article will provide you with vital and helpful information for achieving a successful short distance relocation. Keep reading to make your next move easy.

Packing Done Right 

An important step in having a hassle free relocation that many overlook is packing. This is a crucial aspect people quickly pass over because they just want to get it over with. Taking this approach will cause more problems for you later; so take the time to properly pack and label your belongings in order to make moving easier. Below are a few helpful tips that will help you stay organized when it comes to packing.

  • One of the best packing tips anyone can give is to pack from least important items first, to most important last. This will ensure that you have not packed anything you may end up needing later.
  • Purchase high quality, durable boxes. This will allow your personal belongings to be better protected from harm during the move.
  • Label and sub label all of your boxes. You may want to pack items according to rooms, or type, depending on your preferences; but remember to label which room the items came from, and what is inside. This will make unpacking easy.
  • Wrap and well insulate all fragile items. You can use packaging wrap, packing peanuts, foam, packing blankets, or whatever will keep your fragile items protected. Another helpful tip when dealing with fragile items is to stack fragile boxes on top to prevent breakage during the move.

How Short Distance Moves Are Calculated

If you are planning a short distance move, then it may be beneficial for you to understand how the costs are calculated. Generally, if you are going to hire a professional moving company to handle your move, costs will be generated by the hour. There is usually a minimum of around 2 hours of pay regardless of how little time it takes them to move your belongings. And after the minimum amount of hours has passed you will be charged a certain amount of money for every hour it takes to relocate.

Check with your moving company to find out the types of fees and services they charge for. Some companies may also charge you for the amount of labor used, along with fuel charges. When moving you should always plan a budget and stick to it. Knowing how costs are calculated will help you determine what you will pay for, and if you will exceed your budget.

Do It Yourself   

In order to save on your short distance move, you may want to perform some of the move yourself. Moving can be expensive, so why not try to save money wherever you can? Below are a few ways that you can help yourself, by doing it yourself.

  • Do all or most of the packing yourself. With full service moving options, many moving companies sell services that pack your items for you. If you opt out of this service you can save a great deal of money.
  • Enlist the help of friends and family to load the moving van or crate. This will cut out some labor costs by performing the labor yourself.
  • You can even rent a moving van from a, “move it yourself” company. This is a great option for short distance moves and cuts out the costs of labor and special services, although you will still have to pay for fuel.

Just because you are moving short distance does not mean there are less hassles. If you apply this helpful information to your move, you can have a stress free relocation.

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  1. Elena
    May 13, 2013, 12:11 pm

    Agreed. Our customers out in San Francisco have been gentitg smart and buying their own boxes and such well before the big move. We always emphasize though that paying less should not always be a priority when choosing a moving company. It’s about the quality and reputation of the moving company that is really important.

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