The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Moves

Relocating an office can be tough work. There are so many things to plan and prepare for; not to mention your office is most likely an important factor in running your business. For this reason it is highly important that you and your staff are well prepared for move out day. We want to make sure that your office move runs as smoothly as possible. To ensure that you have a successful relocation here are the do’s and don’ts of office moves. Use this information as a guide to getting your office moved properly.


  • Book your move early to ensure enough time to successfully execute your move.
  • Have regular meetings with employees to keep them updated and informed on the move.
  • Ensure that all measurements are correct so you are certain everything will fit properly in your new office.
  • Create a detailed floor plan for the new location.
  • Have your employees pack up and take home their personal belongings home about a week before the scheduled move out date. You can have them bring these items into the new office once everything is in place.
  • Assign packing responsibilities for separate areas of the office. Have volunteers to lead each section to ensure everything is going according to plan.
  • Clearly tag all of the items you wish to relocate. This will indicate to your movers which items to take and leave behind.
  •  Keep all walkways clear
  • Inform necessary people and places of address change
  • Place someone in charge of security during move out and move in day. Your movers will not know who does and does not belong.
  • Perform a final walkthrough before your movers leave to ensure everything is in correct order.


  • Rush your move. For a successful relocation make sure you have enough time to properly plan and execute every aspect.
  • Pack too early. Make sure your employees don’t have to work out of boxes. This will make for an uncomfortable work environment.
  • Use flimsy or used packing supplies. This can lead to damaged office supplies.
  • Pack electronics yourself (telephones, computers, printers, and so on). You may have to have your IT department do this to ensure correct packaging.
  • Pack or relocate unnecessary items such as broken furniture. The more you move the more time and money is required. Only use your mover to relocate necessary items.
  • Don’t relocate printers, copy machines or other similar devices with toner inside. Inks and toners may leak during shipment and cause damage.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing or planning your office move.


Several things can go wrong during a move. To make sure that yours goes according to plan follow these do’s and don’ts of office moves.

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