The Importance of Storage

For every move, household or corporate, storage availability is crucial. The importance of storage may not even cross the minds of those planning a move. This aspect of moving may be overlooked, but when the need for storage arises, panic may ensue. Panic and a last minute scramble to search for storage facilities is not the ideal situation for any business; which is why it is important to look into storage options prior to the move. If you are a company planning a move, I urge you to cover all your bases by looking into storage options. Below we will look into why storage is important, and how it will benefit your business in the long run.

What If My Company Isn’t Moving Far?

No matter if you are relocating across the country or across the street; storage should still be a part of any company’s moving plan. If your business is going to undergo a local move, it may seem like storage is unnecessary; but when it comes to your business, it is better safe than sorry. The following is a scenario not everyone will endure during a move; but unfortunately it does happen, and hopefully this does not occur during your move.

There are two days left until move out day; and good thing because you must vacate the building by Friday; which is 2 days after your scheduled move out date. All of a sudden the silence surrounding your thoughts is broken by the high pitched ring of your cell phone. Your heart skips a beat until you realize what that terrifying noise was; you answer the phone and get a not so jolly response from the person on the other end. Bad news, you can’t move in to your new office until the end of next week. As of now, there is nowhere to store your office supplies; you have to find a storage facility, and fast. Why is it that bad news seems to creep up on us when we have a limited amount of time to work it out? This is why everyone looking into relocating should have a backup plan that includes storage options.

If your company is not relocating a great distance from your previous building, this does not guarantee that your move will not be delayed. Distance does not matter when it comes to having storage options. Relocating is stressful enough without having to worry about where to store your commercial belongings. This is why storage is an important moving feature to look into prior to starting a move.

Where to Find Storage Space

Many moving companies offer storage options through their company services. Some movers work with outside companies to get customers a discounted deal; and other moving companies own and operate their own storage facilities. Inquire about storage options with the moving company that you have decided to work with. Many moving companies that provide storage services also offer free storage for up to 30 days if the customer needs it. Just make sure to ask and your representative will be glad to go over the options and pricing with you. Storage services vary from company to company; if you do not feel like your items will be secure in their storage facilities, then look into outside storage sites. The better option is to pay a fee and have your company property properly protected, then to have a not so safe free storage site. You can find storage facilities on the internet and in your local directory.

Benefits of having Storage          

  • Somewhere to store belongings
  • Security for items while awaiting transit
  • Peace of mind knowing storage is available
  • Last minute shipping delays
  • Preparation for a smooth relocation experience
  • Covering all of your bases

Storage is an option that you should plan to have available for your company’s move. Even those of you relocating homes, storage is important to have as preparation for unexpected mishaps. If something happens to disrupt your move you will know that your items are safe in storage, and will be until they are ready to be shipped. Peace of mind is what will make moving easy; and storage is one of the ways to achieve a smooth and stress free move.

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