Tips for Move Out Day



Congratulations! You have made it to move out day. This means that you have chosen a reliable moving company, survived the packing process, and are now ready to load up the truck. Soon you will be able to settle into your new home and start living out of cabinets and dressers, not out of boxes and bags. For those of you who are close to completing the relocation process, here are a few tips for move out day. You can never be too prepared; and getting ready for move out day will make relocating that much easier.


What to Do With Children and Pets?

The thing about children and pets is they generally like to move about. Whether it is your child running around pretending to be a superhero, or your dog chasing his tail in a large wobbly circle, kids and pets have ever moving limbs; and sometimes they can get into trouble. When move out day comes around, the best tip to take into consideration is to find a sitter. Arrange for child or pet care on the date of the move. This way there is no chance your child or pet will get hurt, and the movers will be able to concentrate on loading. You will also have full attention to what boxes need loading, and can freely direct the movers around your home.


Plan on Being in Attendance

It is very important that you are present on move out day. Some moving companies even require that you are at your home on the day of the move. If you have the choice to be there or not, it is highly recommended that you are present. This is because you will be able to monitor the loading as it occurs; and if a mover has a question for you, they do not have to track you down by phone. You will also be able to directly ask questions or address concerns by being present at the time of the move. This is the key to a smooth loading process.


Designate an Area for No Loading Boxes and Items

Pick a room or a corner where you will stack belongings and boxes that are not to be loaded onto the moving truck. This is to keep organized, and will make it easier for you to determine which boxes are leaving, and which are staying. Also, be sure to notify your movers that the designated area is not to be loaded. This will prevent the accidental loading of these items.


Parking for the Movers

It is highly important that your movers are parked a decent distance from your belongings. No one wants to walk a block to load a truck; it would take far too long and inconvenience your movers. If you live in a residential area, inform your neighbors of your move out day; notify them that there will be a large moving vehicle in the street and to be aware. Cone off a parking spot at least 3 car lengths long in front of, or near your home where the truck will be able to park. If you live in an apartment building, please notify your building manager and ask for priority of the elevator. Make sure to obtain any permits needed, if necessary.


Final Walkthrough

When all your boxes have been loaded on to the truck, walk through your home and complete a final check. This is to ensure that everything that needs to be loaded is in fact loaded and ready to go; make sure that there are no stragglers. Complete this walkthrough before your movers drive away, to prevent any embarrassing chasing and shouting.


Turn Off & Shut Down

Before leaving, turn off and unplug any appliances that may be in your home. Shut off the water, and make sure that you have arranged to have the electricity turned off. Lock and shut any and all doors and windows in your home to prevent any break-ins.
Using these tips will help make your move out day run smoothly. Do not hesitate to apply them to your moving experience; side effects include joy and smiles.


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