Tips for Shipping Your Car

Typically people decide to ship their cars because they are moving long distance. The distance between your new and old home may be too great, or take too much time to drive your car, so the option of shipping is put into place. Shipping your car is a great service for those who need to relocate with their vehicles. The problem may lie in the actual process of shipping. You may have questions and concerns about sending your car the distance; but not to worry. This article will divulge a few helpful tips for shipping your car wherever it needs to be.

Is Your Car Worth Shipping?

Before you start the process of shipping your car, it is highly suggested that you determine if your car is worth it. The answer to this question can be determined by the location in which you are moving to. If you are moving internationally then you may want to weigh your options before shipping your car. This is due to the fact that shipping a car can be a costly service, roughly totaling around $1,000. But how can you determine if your vehicle is worth the price of shipping?

If you are relocating within the U.S. then shipping your car is simple. It will most likely be driven to its destination by truck. This means that you will have the same general access to the same automobile shops and services as your previous home. If you are relocating to an island or to another country you may want to reconsider. This will require a bit of research; research your car’s make and model and make sure it is a relatively popular vehicle. If you decide to ship a car that is not very common to your new place of residence then you will have fewer options when it comes to repair shops, car accessories, and parts may take longer to arrive; all adding up in costs.

It is important to evaluate the worth of your vehicle in order to prevent future headaches. It may be cheaper to sell your car before you move, and repurchase a more common vehicle in your new town of residence.

Preparing Your Car for Shipment

In order to successfully ship your car, you will first need to prepare it. Preparing your car is nothing like preparing a turkey dinner, but the idea is the same; to make your car ready and eligible for shipment. Well, they actually aren’t that similar of ideas, but the main point is to have your car meet the requirements for shipment. Preparation is the key to any successful shipment, including shipping a car.

Depending on the company you are shipping with will determine the exact preparations needed for shipment. Below are a few measures to take into account when planning on shipping a vehicle.

  • Clear out the contents of your car. Many companies will not ship your vehicle if there are items inside. Generally you are required to take everything out that is not physically part of the car.
  • You may be required to clean the outside and inside of your vehicle. This is especially true if you are shipping overseas. Typically a thorough cleaning is necessary in order to avoid the transfer of foreign soils and organisms.
  • Fix all cracks on the windows of your vehicle. If your car is being shipped by a vessel you will be required to fix all cracks, or risk shattering your windows.
  • Typically, your car must be in working order to be able to ship. This is due to the fact that your car needs to be driven in and out of the shipping quarters.

What You’ll Need to Ship

If you have decided to ship your vehicle, then you are going to need a few things before you can start. Below is a list of documents and items needed in order to ship.

  • Keys
  • Vehicle registration and title
  • Creditor/lessor notarized statement
  • And or a notarized letter of authorization

The information in this article should make shipping your car easy. When you have the right information tackling a car shipment should be no problem.


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