Tips & Tricks: International Moving

Moving internationally can be costly and time consuming; but this does not mean you can’t have fun and enjoy the experience. What you need to calm your nerves are a few helpful tips and tricks. There is no need to take on the feat of international moving all on your own, utilize the help of experts and knowledge on the internet. There is a wealth of information out in the world aimed at helping those to successfully pull of an international move. This article is one of those valuable resources that can make international moving easier. Use these tips and tricks for your next international move; you will thank yourself later.

Evaluate Your Personal Belongings

A great piece of advice is to seriously evaluate the worth of your belongings before taking on the trek of international moving. As much as the idea of taking everything with you may sound good, in all truth it is not a realistic goal. In fact, if you try to take everything with you, you will end up paying the price, literally. Moving is not cheap, and the more you ship the more costly the price; which is why getting rid of items will greatly benefit you during an international move.

You can start by taking a trip around your home, and as you do make sure to take note of the items you can part with. Anything that has not been used in quite some time you should consider getting rid of. Now don’t just toss these items in the trash, you can do more beneficial things with these belongings. Plan a yard sale to make extra cash, give items away to friends, family and neighbors, or donate them. This way you can get rid of items and save on international moving costs.

Another helpful tip to note is to evaluate your large furniture and vehicles. Because these are large items they weigh more and will take up more space, therefore costing more to ship. Do a little research to make sure you are getting your money’s worth if you are planning on shipping these items. Sometimes it may actually be cheaper to sell and repurchase these items when you get to your new town of residence. I know crazy right? Just make sure to double check the worth of your items before shipping; it could end up saving you money! And who doesn’t love saving money?

Finding a Moving Company

If you are shipping internationally then you are going to need a reliable moving company. A great trick is to research companies that offer international moving services. When you are looking through various international moving companies make sure to check their experience and professionalism. Try to hire a company that has had plenty of experience shipping internationally; this way you can feel comfortable knowing they have successfully shipped internationally several times before.

Research customer and company reviews to determine their potential and professionalism. You do not want to hire cheap, unreliable movers to ship your belongings to another country; you may end up empty handed. International moving doesn’t have to be complicated when you hire the right company. The key is research and patients, lots and lots of patients.

Packing Tips   

Below are a few very helpful packing tips that everyone can incorporate; no matter if you are moving long distance, short distance, or internationally.

  • The best packing tip hands down, is packing your least important items first and then moving on to the more important items last. This will allow you to keep your sanity by preventing you from frantically tearing open boxes left and right to find something you accidentally packed a little too early.
  • That being said, you should also make it a point to label all of your boxes. Whether you are packing by room or type of items, make sure to label your boxes with the contents and derived room. This will also make unpacking much easier.
  • What comes to mind when you think of packing? If you said boxes then you deserve a prize because you’re right! The trick is to purchase heavy duty, durable packing boxes. This is especially important for international moves because your items will be traveling a long distance, so you are going to want them to be well protected.
  • Speaking of protected, you should also carefully pack and insulated all fragile items. You can do this by surrounding them by packing foam, packing peanuts, packing blankets, and so on. Basically anything fluffy will do, well not your cat mittens, but you get the point.

If you have made it this far congratulations! You can now burn these helpful tips into your mind so your international move runs as smooth as possible. Good luck and happy travels.

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