Ways to Lower Your Moving Costs

Let’s face it, moving can be expensive; which is why you want to save on costs wherever you can. I think it’s safe to assume that you are not made of money, which is why you are probably reading this article. A cheap and great moving deal is hard to come by these days, which is why I will share some tips on ways to lower your moving costs. Lowering your costs may take some work on your part, but it will be well worth it in the end. Until moving companies significantly and permanently lower their costs, your best option is to save money using these tips. Soak in these suggestions and you will be pleasantly surprised.

 Make Space and Cash

A great way to lower your moving costs is to get rid of belongings. Go through your home and set aside items that you no longer use or want. If you haven’t used it in over a year, the chances are that you will never use it again; so get rid of it. The items that collect dust on your shelves and in your closets are what will save you space and money. All you have to do is get rid of them. You can do this by having a yard sale, donating, or giving these items away. Also keep in mind that shipping large furniture may sometimes cost more than they are worth. Ask your moving representative to evaluate the cost of shipping specific items to determine which would be more beneficial for your budget.

When you get rid of the clutter, your moving costs will lower. Moving companies usually calculate moving costs according to distance, amount of items, weight, and/or labor. The number of belongings you own will play a large role in determining your total cost. The less items you have, the less there is to move; which means move out time and labor costs should decrease and your total costs should reflect this. Plus, if you decide to have a yard sale you can even make some extra cash. Overall, getting rid of belongings will help you lower moving costs.

Save on Supplies

Another method for lowering your moving costs is to use free or discounted packaging supplies. That’s right, you just read the word free; following are a few tips in finding free moving supplies, some of which you already have in your home. Below are a few ways to get your hands on free or discounted packing supplies.

  • Boxes– You can score free boxes by stopping by your local shops or mall and asking them for their unused boxes. Or you can ask friends and family members if they have any extra boxes lying around. If free boxes aren’t your thing, then you can go to your local hardware store to purchase some. These will be cheaper than purchasing from your moving company; because movers sell industrial grade cardboard boxes, which cost more.
  • Reuse Household Items– It is time to break out your blankets and towels! Because you can use them to protect fragile items. You can also use newspaper and plastic bags as extra padding. These items will be of no charge to you, which should lower your moving costs.
  • Ask Around– Use the power of your social networks to ask friends and family for help. Set up a post asking if anyone has moving supplies that need to be taken off their hands. If you know of anyone who has just moved ask them if they have any leftover supplies.

Do It Yourself  

One of the more obvious ways to lower moving costs is to perform some of the move yourself. Instead of opting for full or partial packing services, do most of the work yourself. This will save you on labor costs. One way is to do all of the packing yourself. You can even invite friends and family to help. If you have any furniture that need disassembling do this yourself as well. Some companies may charge fees for performing disassembly on furniture; double check before you allow your movers to do this.

Another method of do it yourself savings is to load the truck using family and friends. Cutting out movers will lower labor costs. To repay your kind friends and family members you can treat them to a meal and cold drinks; which should be cheaper than hiring a professional crew. Performing some of the move yourself will definitely save on moving costs.

Research Fees

One of the places where moving companies get you is with hidden fees. You must inquire about these fees to avoid extra costs. You can phone your moving representative and ask them if they charge fees for flights of stairs, and what they consider a flight; if they charge by distance; disassembly fees; labor fees; storage fees; ask your representative about any and all possible fees. This will allow you to avoid extra costs, and in turn lower your moving costs.


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